Friday, March 16, 2012


My travel bug inventory stands at 13, including Red, our car. They are all coming to Decatur with us so they can move forward from there.

Love, love this pic!!!
Cristie posted a picture of our two youngest grandsons geocaching. They both carried walking sticks, something that I usually carry myself. Not only are walking sticks for helping maintain balance, they are perfect for sticking into knotholes and whatnot, before you put your hand in there!

See the wagon wheel ruts next to the path?
We stopped for the night in Topeka, Kansas.  We want to get out and enjoy the beautiful day so we go geocaching.  We went to one cache that was beside the old Oregon trail....and the ruts left by the Conestoga Wheels are still there.  No way would we have ever seen this without geocaching!

Back to travelers!  Here's a picture of all the travelers we collected during our trip.  Now that we've put a few miles on them we are releasing them into the wild in Central Illinois.  Hopefully, these little guys will contiue on their journeys and achieve their goals!

Did you see the little Farley?  He's not one of my original Farleys and he's not a traveler.  Found him in a desert cache and will be making a Traveling Farley out of him.

The yellow end loader wants his pic taken with his big brothers.  I'm going to have Steve take him to work and get some good pics!

The traveler with the Flag is an Eagle Scout project.  There is one coin that I forgot to include, that only wants to go to Geo events.  Hope to take him to Moga. 

One of these travelers (the large gold one with a butterfly) originated in Canada.  Another one, just to the left of the Canadian, came from the Czech Republic.  How cool?!?

I love sending travelers off and helping travelers move along.  It's so much fun watching them travel the world!

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