Sunday, March 11, 2012

The things you see...

...while geocaching!  If you are reading our vacation blog, then this one will be familiar as I already mentioned it there. 

We haven't had much time for geocaching in Phoenix, what with all our activities and what not.  But, we're trying to keep our streak alive and hitting at least one cache per day.  Yesterday, we went to find "Talking Tree #3".  The GZ (ground zero) was behind a Walgreens and somewhere on a little building out there.  Funny thing was, there was this huge palm tree growning out of the building....I mean H.U.G.E!   I am just totally amazed by this tree. 

I go around and around the building twice looking for this cache.  I know it's round and magnetic, but I just can't find it.  All the while I'm amazed by this's huge!!!  Did I say that before?  HUGE!

Then I notice something odd about the tree.  It's a metal plate about two thirds of the way up.  Did the tree get hit by lightning and have to be repaired?  And, why is it growing out of the building.  Is it a super palm that has to be protected?   Is it a a secret special palm?  What the heck?  Then, I see it....can you?

That's one of the things I love about geoacaching!  You're always finding and seeing something you would have never seen otherwise.  It's like geocaching is opening your eyes to things you should have been seeing all along!

Well, I'm standing there staring up at the top of this "tree" and Mona gets tired of waiting on me.  She gets out of the car, walks up to a junction box on the building and grabs a round magnetic thingy.  "Is this what you're looking for?!"  Yes, the streak is still alive!  (We're trying for 100 caches in 100 days.)

It's then that I point out the tree.  She too gets amazed.  After all, she's a utility geek like me!  Can't wait to see what today's caches bring!


  1. What is that thing on the tree??????
    It does make you look at things differently...when trying to find a cache...or when trying to find a place to hide a cache around hometown.

    1. It's a radio/communications tower cleverly disguised as palm tree.