Thursday, March 22, 2012


Is it gum or a cache?
See the cache behind them?
The Three Trolls (Blake, Austin, and Owen) along with the Two Minions found 53 caches today!  We organized ourselves to each perform a specific funtion and we studied the map before we set out.  We hit caches in Macon County and Dewitt County.  It was a blast!!!!

Most of the caches were small and near roadside structures like power poles and road signs.  However, there were several that were pretty tough.  With teamwork we found over 90% of what we sought with only three DNFs (Did Not Finds).  A great day!

Found it!
Is #52 there?
We could have gone long if it wasn't getting rainy and cold.  We're talking about a 100 cache day.  Got some more studying and planning to do before we can attempt that!

We lost count of who found how many.  What we do know is that the team record for Troll/Minion finds was nine...and each of the Trolls found more than that today.  Also, the previous MNM1011 record was that's 53!

Yesterday, Mona and I rode our bikes on the new Stevens Creek Bike Trail and geocached.  We've been talking about this for quite some time, and finally did it.  A tip for bike geocaching...take plenty of water!  We covered about ten miles pretty quickly, but quickly got thirsty.

We've decided we love caching this way and will be doing more of it, but will be better prepared.  Thinking of packing a picnic lunch, too. 

Headed to STL tomorrow.  Hope to pick up a few more down there this weekend.  Maybe we'll see you there!

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  1. How fun...Wayne and I did this when trying to reach his 1000. But I think our high for one day was 30 some.