Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More desert geocaching

Found this coin yesterday, from the Czech Republic....very interesting symbols on this one!  Mafia?!?!?

Farley Tracks?
Found lots of tracks out there...wondering if these belong to one of our Farleys!

Just saw a post that themysteryhunters just found their first Arizona cache.  Happy caching in Phoenix!

Lucille Ball and Mona
Remember I said that caches can come in all shapes and sizes?  Check out the cache that Mona is sitting next to.  This is a virtual cache, typically a prominent place or thing.  Often with virtual caches you have to take a picture and/or answer a few questions.  Then, you sent the pics/answers to the cache owner and they tell you whether or not you get the Smiley Face.  In this case, we had to post a picture.  Just a few blocks from this is a statue of Sonny Bono.  It's also a virtual cache and you have to answer several questions about Sonny.

Enough caching for today.  Well, actually I didn't get to cache as much as I wanted, but any caching is good caching!


  1. Cool viritual cache. I just picked up a coin last week from Czech Republic. Triece said someone she knows had been there on a missionary trip and sure enough, when I looked it up they are the ones who brought it here. Another cool thing...we found out the assitant pastor at Four Square Church is into caching and planning on a event for the teens with hidden ammo boxes.

    1. I'm wondering if that's how this traveler came across, too. Would like to compare notes when we return.

      Good to hear there will be more cachers in Central Illinois!