Friday, March 2, 2012

Catching Up!

We'll be using this post to catch up on some of the geocaching we've done so far on this trip.  It will probably take a post or two to fully catch up.

Team Farley
We started this trip with a bag full of travelers to drop off as we go.  We got a bunch from Grandma Bear for Christmas and we had been stocking up with tags specifically for this purpose.  Most of the travelers are Farleys....little twisty/bendable guys that we've modified into Travel Bugs.  The pic shows all 11 Farleys, gearing up for their trips.

Travelers or Travel Bugs are items with a unique code number stamped on them or attached to them.  In the Team Farley pic you can see little metal tags attached to each Farley.  These are tags we bought and which have unique code numbers imprinted upon them.  The idea with Travelers is that you set a mission for them and put them in a cache.  Whoever finds that cache is supposed to take the Traveler along with them, enter the code number into and then move the Traveler to another cache.  It's fun to watch your Traveler go all over the world.  Speedman Troll, our grandson, put a Traveler in a cache on his birthday, last July 9th.  That Traveler has since traveled 27,000 miles!  He tracks it and shares the Traveler's news with his class.  Here's a link to his site:

Visiting Texas
Travelers can also be Travel Coins...special coins with code numbers on them, also with the same use as Travel Bugs.  Some of these coins are quite large and expensive...for instance the Travel Coin shown which originated in Canada and which we've carried to California, letting it "visit" caches along the way.  This coin is almost three inches in diameter and weighs two or three times more than a silver dollar.

Travelers can be almost anything.  Earlier this week we were given a book which is a traveler.  Even our car is a Traveler!

We've tried to geocache every day of our trip.  It gets us outside and walking, not to mention we learn a lot about the places we visit.  Many of the cache owners (those who hide and maintain the cache) spend a lot of time researching the area and then sharing that information on their cache page.  We've geocached in remote deserts (even a ghost town), downtown city sqaures, on mountains....virtually everywhere we go there are geocaches.  There are about 1.4 million geocaches scattered throughout the world...more than enough to keep us busy for awile!

Closing with a few pictures of Travelers we've picked up on this trip.

This little guy wants to travel and have pictures taken of him with his big brothers.  We're going to oblige that by taking to the Caterpillar plant in Decatur and getting him a pic with his whole family!

Nathan's Journey To Eagle
This Traveler is a Boy Scout project...the owner is following his travels and reporting on them to get a Geocaching Merit adge.
This Travel Coin wants to go from Geo Event to Geo Event.  We picked him up at our first Geo Event and we're ready to go to another one to drop him off!

Enough for now.  Happy caching!

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