Wednesday, March 14, 2012

State of Mind

Some geocachers get a little carried away....some find over 1000 caches in a year.  Others travel, just to geocache.  Others climb mountains, got to cemetaries at night, scuba dive...all in the effort to find little bits of treasure.  One has to wonder about their state of mind!

So, about 4:30 this morning, I can't sleep.  We are 30 miles from Utah and that state is on my mind.  I haven't got a cache from Utah....and did I mention we're only 30 miles from there?  I quietly clean up and slip out of the motel...and of course I left a note as to where I was going...UTAH!  I timed it so that I'd arrive at first light....just in time to grab a cache and make it back to the hotel before Mona was ready for breakfast!  Genius!

My plan worked out perfectly!  I found a cache at exit 1, high on a hill in a lone cedar tree.  Another state!!!  My state of mind is happy!

Then I remembered....I had no idea what exit our hotel was on.  We had come in from the south, through the city, and hadn't exited the interstate.  But, a quick talk to Sari and she found my exit for me.  Love my iPhone!

On the way back, I got to see some beautify scenery....The Colorado River snakes back and forth along I-70 here.  Also, I got to see a neat new sign.  (I collect signs!)  And I got to see a cool sunrise over the Colorado Mesas.  Great little trip!

Got a neat emial yesterday, it said:


You are now an

Yep, that's me!  EarthCache Master!  Found my first EarthCache in Athens and recently I learned about a program for attaining certification.  I'm now at the minimum level and working on the next level...over halfway there.  EarthCaches are special caches that tell you about the geography or history of the location and then you have to answer some questions about the area.  Some of
these are very hard...but all are fun!  I encourage you to look for these around you and give them a try.

Well, time to hit the road...more caches out there!


  1. Congratulations, EarthCacher Master!!!!
    Our Earth Cache around here is a rock in a field..I am sure you have had better Earth Caches than that.

  2. Thanks, Sheryl! I am looking forward to finding the EarthCache in Macon County. That will almost finish the requirements for moving to the next level. After that, I have to create an a few places in mind in Macon County for that.