Thursday, April 5, 2012

A New Cacher!

We headed to University Dogs for dinner and took Laura (daughter) with us.  We still hadn't found our cache for today so on the way home we decided to hit a cache.  Laura helped find it and immediately she was hooked and wanted to do more.  We headed to a small town (Warrensburg, where Laura grew up) nearby where there was a cache that hadn't been found for quite some time.  We looked and luck.  We were ready to give up, but Laura wasn't.  She kept looking and made the find!  It was in a spot we never thought to look...a great find!

Laura wanted to do more, so off we a cache that the grandsons and I couldn't find.  Within minutes Laura found that one, too.  A star is born!

We did a few more caches, some finds, some DNFs (Did Not Find)...but all were fun.  Finally, we got cold and went home.  Once home, Laura asked if she could borrow a sweatshirt so we could do some more caching.  As we were headed out the door I started looking for my iPhone.  No I pinged it.  Much to my surprise (and dismay) my iPhone was somewhere outside of Warrensburg near a cache we had looked for. So....our first "cache" to find was my phone.  Here's a pic of the find!  (P.S. Embarrassing...especially since this is the second time I've lost my phone while caching!!!!)

We're now at 40 days in a row.  Easy caches are now rare as we've found most within a ten mile radius.  We are now doing tougher caches and caches that are farther afield.  We need to start "reserving" some easy caches for those days when we don't feel well. us Decatur cache hiders....we need a bunch of PNGs (Park and Grabs)!

Three of the grandsons want to try to hit 100 caches tomorrow.  Don't think that's possible, but it's worth a try!!!!  Will report on our success later!

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