Tuesday, April 3, 2012

499 Plus 1

Yesterday, we found our 499th cache. Hard to believe we've found that many! Today is April 1st and we hope to find a 5 Bears cache as our #500.

Courtyard outside of Millkin Library

Found a couple of really neat caches yesterday. One was near the library at Millikin University. Beautiful little spot that we would have never seen had we not been geocaching. The log was one of the most creative we've seen!

Check out this library caches' log!
Another cache took us two visits to find. Actually touched the cache on the first visit, but it took Mona's sleuthing to actually make the find. There is a pic of it later on.

Finally it was time for #500! We drove out to the GZ (Ground Zero) to find and log this milestone cache. Thirty minutes later we were still looking. 499 caches found and we are totally stumped on this one!

We called the CO (Cache Owner) for a clue... No response. We continue to look and are just about to give up when lo and behold, the CO and her husband ride up on a shiny blue motorcycle!  Did I mention that the CO is sister Sheryl?

Can you see the cache?
Sheryl saunters up and with a sidelong glance states that the cache is still there. That glance was all the clue we needed and we quickly made the find. At last, 500!

Sheryl took some snaps and then the four of us visited some more 5-Bears caches. We finally ended up at University Dogs for much-needed Chicago dogs.

It was a great day...lots of fun pranks, great caches and great fun! And, yes Keri, April 1st is one of my favorite days. No fooling!

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  1. Congratulations on 500 Caches! We had fun watching you search for our caches. Great day.